We offer our clients amazing adrenaline-rush experience of self-driving unique desert machines customized for big dunes.

Badayer Camp, Al Badayer, Sharjah, UAE


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Quad Biking Dubai Tours

Quad biking Dubai
unforgettable tour with a «taste» of adrenaline

You believe that everything in your life even the craziest and impossible things can become real? Than you have to visit Dubai – place where you can experience something new. Dubai offers the most amazing extreme kinds of sport: karting, diving with sharks, camel racing and high-speed quad biking in the desert. Our company offers you incredible tour, as it like a magnet attracts lovers of adrenaline and the most vivid sensations – Quad Bike Dubai.

You can conquer any obstacle

Safari is in itself an exotic adventure, and if you add to it a quad bike, in the result you’ll get the most exciting entertainment that will make you experience difficulties and overcome natural obstacles. You can go Quad Biking Dubai with your family, or can take a noisy merry company and arrange the competition. Run the distance at record time or take part in demonstrations. Put the ATV on the rear wheels, side or front. It all depends on your imagination. Of course, before the performance you must be well master the control of the ATV and have a pre-workout.

  • Quad bike test tour
  • AED 650 1 hour
  • The course is for riders who wish to learn how to ride in sand and have a small taste of it before embarking on a longer duration tour. If you are concerned about riding sand, this tour is for you.
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  • Quad bike popular tour
  • AED 750 1 hour
  • The is our most popular course and is designed for riders who have recent experience in riding off road or sand. On this tour you will explore the EPIC dunes around Al Badayer area and visit Pink Rock, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area.
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