We offer our clients amazing adrenaline-rush experience of self-driving unique desert machines customized for big dunes.

Badayer Camp, Al Badayer, Sharjah, UAE


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Dune Buggy Dubai Tours

Dune buggy Dubai
The extreme appearance of the desert!

Are you a fan of extreme sports? Do you feel some unique passion toward driving fast and furious, dipping into the almighty restless ocean waves or feeling the sharp air flow beat into your face while you are skydiving? If you are the person we mean, then you are definitely keen on getting a rush of new strong emotions from time to time.

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Enjoy Your First Buggy Safari To Explore The Desert
To Explore The Desert

Bashing the red-hot sands with the powerful wheels of a dune buggy Dubai gives indescribable and unforgettable experience one always returns for once more! So, if you are already thrilled and excited with a perspective of enjoying some buggy adventures Dubai, welcome to the best service that can organize your dune buggy bashing in Dubai!

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  • Introductory tour
  • AED 1250 1 Hour
  • This is the introductory tour to get the taste of adventure. It also doubles up as a training session where you receive hands-on experience driving the buggy in sand dunes. We recommend this tour to all beginners.

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  • Buggy ride in Dubai
  • AED 1600 2 HOURS
  • This is the most popular duration with our customers. Your choice of routes includes all the local amenities: Pink Rock, Devil’s Plunge, Iftar Bowl, Fossil Rock. On the way back we stop by the popular 2nd December cafeteria for refreshments.
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  • 4 Hours Adventure Tour
  • AED 2650 4 HOURS
  • Plenty of riding time allows to explore and venture your desert buggy out into different corners of the UAE! Mountain lakes and wadis, Swan Lakes, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean await to be rediscovered
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