We offer our clients amazing adrenaline-rush experience of self-driving unique desert machines customized for big dunes.

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Dirt Bike Dubai Tours

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Dirt Bike Tour

If you are keen on the euphoric sensation you get when flying frantically across the expanses of desert, then look no further. Or perhaps you have just determined to savor the thrilling rides only a Dirt Bike tour can give? In both cases, you are welcome to the fantastic world of Dubai desert dirt bike riding! We are greeting all riders whether professional or not, who have the courage and desire to get acquainted with the real beauty and uniqueness of Dubai deserts through Dubai KTM motorcycle tours. This is what a real Dirt Bike is – maximum adrenaline and fun in one package!

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Why Choose Us

Why should you choose our service of Dirt Biking in Dubai? The answer is simple! We are the first people who started offering this service in the UAE who are crazy to deliver epic adventure tours! When we promise you will get unbelievable experience, we provide it. We know how to put that wide grin on your face when you arrive back. We want the aftertaste to lead you again to our doors, for more intense and breathtaking experiences! All our rental bikes are in perfect state because we keep 2 full-time mechanics to look after them. We check each and every machine before providing it to a client so that the safety and reliability of every riding tour is guaranteed.

  • Dirt bike tour – 2 hours
  • AED 750 PER 2 HOURS
  • This is the introductory tour to get the taste of adventure. It also doubles up as a training session where you receive hands-on experience driving the dirt bike in sand dunes. We recommend this tour to all beginners.
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  • Dirt bike tour – 4 hours
  • AED 1250 PER 4 HOURS
  • 2 – hours just not enough? Or are you somebody with a little more experience riding? Our 4 – hour tour is focused on participants who want to ride a little longer and a little harder. The skill set required is of an intermediate level and tests the durability of your off-road abilities. This tour takes its riders out to Fossil rock – a very well know landmark in the UAE. Pure thrills and excitement guaranteed.
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  • Dirt bike tour – full day
  • aed 1800 FULL DAY
  • This tour is specifically designed for the experienced riders. Are you just not having enough adrenaline through your veins and just not feeling the challenge anymore? This is all you – our full day tour takes its riders all the way to Wadi-Showka the U.A.E’s most beautiful and natural desert lagoon. There will be time to take a dip and cool off whilst having the most electrifying ride of your life through mountain passes and incredibly massive dunes. Try it – I dare you.
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